Saturday, June 25, 2011

18 Design Concept Motorcycles Future in the World

Man it would be great if all the concepts we see come to life! There is some thought that the really big out there who are always working with their creativity and imagination to get us some very interesting and amazing. Anyways, the best part about the concept is that they are fully able to dazzle us with their outstanding features, and the fact is - we just love to know about great ideas like that!
In Walyou, we love ideas like that, which is why we have compiled this list of 18 brilliant concept of futuristic motor. This list has some designs that really interesting ideas if it ever comes to life, will surely rock the world.

Axial Three Wheels Motorcycle Concept
Embrio One-Wheeled Motorcycle Concept
Hornet Superbike Concept
Tron Legacy Light Cycle Concept
Ferrari Motorcycle Concept
Leo Motorcycle Concept
Pendolauto Bike Concept
Puma Motorcycle Concept
Honda Club Motorcycle
Yamaha Tesseract Four Wheel Motorcycle
Fallout Motorcycle Concept
Jaguar Motorcycle Concept
Red Bull Motorcycle Concept
Machine Fly, the Flying Motorcycle
Agorapode Concept Super Bike
MoonRider Flying Bike
Poshwatta Motorcycle Concept
ICare Motorcycle Concept

Car Rental Anchorage - Audi A6

Thanks to a design that features an elegant yet sporty proportions featuring a long engine hood, a low, sweeping roofline and prominent lines on the flanks that create an overall dynamic appearance, the new Audi A6 was awarded whit the 2001 Detroit Auto Show.

It's the fourth time in the past three years - a remakable achievement in every sense of the word - that has scouped up an EyesOn award for one of their vehicles.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Perfect Blend of Performance, Handling, and Desire Honda CBR 600RR

Is Honda's CBR600RR the perfect sportbike? Plenty of riders think so. And it's easy to see why. First off, it offers a near magical combination of light weight, free-revving power, compliant suspension and all in a package that’s sized just right.

Next, the CBR600RR has been honed to perfection on the track, where it dominates the World Supersport championship scene. And then there's the CBR's awe-inspiring degree of Honda technology: tuned twin-spar frame, Programmed fuel injection, the Honda Electronic Steering Damper (HESD) and Honda's available Combined ABS that all add up to put the CBR600RR way ahead of anything in the 600 class.
But at the end of the day, one thing stands out above all the rest: The CBR600RR is just a blast to ride. And isn't that why you're looking at sportbikes in the first place?
All-new, electronically controlled Combined ABS distributes brake force over both wheels, helping to maintain braking confidence in less than ideal conditions.
Electronic measurement of rider input on each brake lever permits application of only the front or rear brake in some cases, while the system combines both brakes in others.