Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lexus GS 350 2013

Lexus GS 350 2013Lexus unveiled the new GS at the prestigious 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in California. The car will reach the UK market in 2012.

The new Lexus GS brings a more engaging driving experience, bolder design and a more spacious, contemporary interior, heralding a new chapter in the history of Lexus.

Lexus GS 350 2013Starting with the bold spindle grille - set to be a signature feature of future Lexus models - the new GS conveys an air of confidence. This is supported by a redesigned chassis with a wide, strong stance that clearly signals the new Lexus GS is designed to inspire and reward driver participation with crisp and precise handling.

Lexus GS 350 2013Lexus engineers challenged themselves to develop a more spacious interior environment for the new Lexus GS. Leaving exterior dimensions virtually unchanged, they increased cabin and boot space to create a richly appointed interior that will transport passengers and their luggage in comfort, regardless of distance.

Lexus GS 350 2013The new Lexus GS will be launched in early 2012, including hybrid and F-Sport versions. For the UK there will be the GS 450h full hybrid and GS 250 petrol engined derivatives.

A New Personality, An Invitation To Drive

Lexus GS 350 2013Designing the new Lexus GS to be both strong and agile was a key focus of the engineering team. Their main objective was to provide a more engaging driving experience. To achieve this they created a new aerodynamic body, a wider stance and stiffer structure, a transmission with quicker changes and distinctive engine sound and exhaust note.

Volkswagen Up 2013

Volkswagen Up 2013
Volkswagen Up 2013Volkswagen has redrawn the map of the small car world. The goal: to develop a small car with charisma, a small car with maximum space on a minimal footprint, a small car with the most fuel-efficient engines or an electric drive, a small car with intuitive infotainment and operating systems, a small car with the safety of a large car. The result is the new Volkswagen up! It measures a short 3.54 metres and is a specialist for everyday urban living that was thought through to the last detail. This car - like the larger Polo and the even larger Golf - will appeal to people of all ages and mobility wishes.

Volkswagen Up 2013
Volkswagen Up 2013
Volkswagen Up 2013Affordable for everyone. In launching the up!, Volkswagen is not only putting a new car in motion; it is also redefining the parameters of customisation and financing. This means that along with clearly delineated equipment lines on the Volkswagen up!, new features will be offered such as up! boxes - e.g. box sets for shopping, long trips or for children on board. The up! will have an infotainment system that owners can tailor to their personal profiles using apps. And because a small car needs to be affordable, a new financing model known as AutoCredit2 that is exclusively tailored to VW up! buyers will offer greater financial freedom thanks to its flexible configuration options. And for many people, this will make the goal of driving a safe and economical new car more attainable than ever. Like the Beetle back in the 1950s, one could say that the Volkswagen up! is once again "democratising" car driving.